Bentley Grand Convertible 2015

Bentley Grand Convertible 2015 - is a surprising new model of Bentley cars. It is not because of its SUV engine but the change can be seen on its appearance that the car seems to have more spacious interior. The new design of this Bentley car is actually got some influences from its Bentley counterparts, which are Bentley Mulsanne. This car is not only offering more advanced models but also more luxurious look. The exclusive quality also is not only can be felt from the use of from the technology and features that are applied in the car but also in the model with turn to be limited edition.

 Bentley Grand Convertible 2015  Cars specifications (interior-exterior-engine)

This car offers special look because it uses sequin blue colours which got sprinkle with silver dust. It also got combination with metal colour that is applied on the windscreen and engines. The exterior of the car look complete with the wheels that come out using 5 spikes. The doors and back wings also look different with the use of chrome strip. The higher quality can be seen when you enter Bentley grand convertible – late 2015 as the seats are made from premium bull skin.

The high quality of leather is also used for the upper part of interior but it comes out with black colour. The cabin of this car also turn to be more modern since includes more advanced features such as satellite navigation system and Bluetooth channel. Meanwhile, the engine of this car is twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter V8. It is supported with 811 lb-ft of torque. That engine system could produce up to 530 horsepower.

 Bentley Grand Convertible 2015  Cars price

Even though the exact price of Bentley grand convertible – late 2015 has not been informed yet, the price might be closer with other limited edition cars that are produced by Bentley. Looking from the previous limited cars called Mulsanne which worth $300.000, the price of the Bentley grand convertible will be not too far away from that. It may be a bit more costly than the price of Mulsanne as it is not produced in numerous units.

 Bentley Grand Convertible 2015  Test drive

Although this car provides luxurious quality of limited edition car, during the test drive some parts need to be developed again so that it could surpass its competitors in the market. For instance, it might be added with better SUV system so that it can be one of good strategies to improve the sales of Bentley grand convertible – late 2015.